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    4. Vision


      Ready to understand and face Challenges

      Forward Thinking

      Using Innovation and Creativity?as a motor of the Company

      Problem Solvers

      For Every Problem, we will have the Solution


      1978/08 TexRay Industrial Co., Ltd. founded. Established Dyeing division.

      1996/01 Establish Fabric division.

      1998/11 Establish Apparel division.
      1998/12 Received permission for stock market listing.
      1998/12 Invest Mexico Garment factory.

      1999/10 Invest Mexico Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing and Garment Factories.

      2000/06 Established TRLA Group Inc. in L.A (Customer service office).

      2001/01 Established Z-PLY Corp. NY (Customer service office).
      2001/04 Invest King’s Metal Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd.

      2005/01 Invest in Supercritical Technology (CO2 waterless dyeing).
      2005/01 Established Shanghai TexRay Industrial Co., Ltd.

      2006/04 Invest Vietnam Garment Factory.

      2007/04 Invest T.Q.M Industrial (Dyeing factory), Swaziland, Africa.
      2007/12 Invest T.Q.M Industrial (Dyeing factory), Swaziland, Africa.

      2009/01 Established TRYD Textile Technology Co., Ltd. in YanCheng, (JiangSu) China.

      2010/12 Established TRYD Apparel Ltd. in YanCheng, (JiangSu) China.

      2012/02 Established TexRay SA Marketing office in South Africa.

      2013/11 Invest Cambodia Garment Factory.

      2014/12 Invest Vietnam Garment Factory II.